Networking has always being a good source of connecting and establishing solid contact; it has been proven to be one of the best ways to build profitable relationship despite time, distance and space. Every now and then people of like minds and interests find various ways to connect by exploiting different forms of communication that enable them to achieve their goals. When it comes to the issue of career development the word “NETWORKING” has become a power source that enable people to excel in acquiring their career goals.

Career networking remains a powerful tool for effective communication when you are in search for information, especially from unusual source. Most of the time, people who have achieved their goals did it through networking. The way to achieve a sound networking connection, lies in your ability to build the right connection with the right people, if not you will alter the connection with the wrong nodes (person).

In building this connection you should consider your friends, family members, relative, online friends, school and work colleagues, past and previous managers, related websites, social media, etc especially those that share the same interest and passion with you. We have seen in many cases how a person gets connected to a career of their choice due to a friend or colleague who happens to be in a place where that information was dispersed.

As much as creating this connection is good, knowing how to nurture it to produce the result you want is very important. For instance, you happen to meet someone who you know have what it takes to connect you to a place you desire to work; this will demand that you know how to relate in the best manner.

  • Ask the right question, provide the person with assistance on what they need (if you can),
  • Be innovative with the topics of discussion you steer up
  • Ensure that you exchange contact details to enable the person reach you when the time comes.

Networking is all about constant communication from both sides especially from the person who is most in need, so always utilize this fact optimally. In the area of internet networking ensure to register with website that have to do with your interest and sign up with their newsletter, to enable you get constant updates on the information you want.