Values-Mission-VisionEverything an organization does is inspired by their mission, values and vision. The mission statement of any organization is a clear and concise statement of why the organization exists and hence why you as an employee got a job. The mission is the reason for the business; it is normally a guiding statement for the way the organization does its business. The mission statement gives meaning to the organization and its work.

Having a meaning is very important in life and in work. Meaningful work is work worth doing and work worth doing enriches your life. Most organizations go to great lengths to ensure the mission of the organization is taught to all employees and that they incorporate the mission statements into their daily work life. This is very important as it builds a healthy organization, promotes unity and a sense of worth in the employees.

It is important to understand the mission of your organization. This gives meaning to your work, it enables you understand your role and how your role makes a difference in the world.

Understanding the mission of your organization allows you to take ownership of your work, this gets you more intrinsically motivated, more engaged and more committed to the organization and makes for a better performance on all dimensions. This helps to promote your career in the organization.

Adapting the organization mission should provide some form of meaning on a personal level like providing for your family needs, making progress at the office or it may take on a bigger meaning like making an impact on the organization, on the customers and your colleagues and in some cases a sense of making a difference on a communal or national level. This helps your self esteem, and should bring personal satisfaction.

Not everyone will be in sync with the organization’s mission. For various reasons you may not believe the mission or may not be in agreement with the ethics or values of the company. This will definitely affect your commitment to the organization and hence affect your level of success in your career at the organization, it is best you quit as pretending takes a toll on you personally and on your work at the organization.

For a long and prosperous career it is best that you understand the mission, vision and values of your organization, adapt them and live them.

Wish you all the best in your career