objective statement1A good statement tells much about you on the key point you highlight on you CV. There can never be a better way to express you fact in detail than making a statement of it. The importance of a CV statement cannot be over emphases in your pattern of writing a CV.

The technicality of your statement is important to the presentation itself. You just can’t place these statements just because you think its right to do; you have to know how it is done. The key to doing this arrangement is very simple and once you are able to get it right, you can do it in any pattern you want.

One of the important facts you must have in mind is that; these statements help to express you noted point factually. So the first thing you must do before writing statement is to know the criteria the employer states in alignment to the position they are advertising. This is always written as “job requirement” in the list of qualities they are demanding from the desired candidate.

You will notice the employer stating that they want a goal oriented, task driven, etc, in the column of the job requirement, as to what they want in a candidate. Express your writing with active verbal words which will portrait your expression in action terms.

This is a tabular format you will use to prepare your statement.

For example;

Field Objective
General Ambitious and responsible worker eager to begin an entry-level position where I can utilize my organizational and time-management skills to help better the company.
Computer operation Seeking entry-level job in software design, where I can build upon my current skill set and experience, obtain new clients, and help with daily activities in the office.


This is just a presentational example for you to take note of the details and arrangement.

You should take note of the key word used to describe the quality they are asking for, and ensure to write a phrase describing how you fit into that quality. This also should be done with the intention of letting the employer notice your outstanding ability.

Ensure to state relevant achievement you have in line with the quality listed like;

“Management (field): performance based on production increase lead to a promotional reward which was a vital tool for my grade promotion (objective)”.

You will notice that it was clearly stated that the candidate can validate the claim with evidence.

Let your objective be 3 to 4 lines each to make it neat and readable. Make sure you summarize the most important point in those lines. Your writing must be free from grammatical and spelling error. Unlike the above example, you can also arrange your write up without using tabular form depending on the format you think is good for you. For example you want to apply for the following job below

“Job description:

We are looking for a creative individual who possesses an ability to envision and set trends in the textile industry. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of five years experience in the interior design industry. A portfolio review will be required prior to being granted an interview.

Your objective statement should be able express to your future employer that you know what you want and are familiar with the field.

Here is a sample of what your objective statement should be for the above job description.

“Anxious to put my creativity and passion to work for a leader in the textile industry, where I can maximize my ability to stay on the forefront of current trends and keep my finger on the pulse of today’s fine linen customers.”