He who labours diligently need never despair for all things are accomplished by diligence and labour – Menander

hard-workDiligence means the constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken. This is the very essence of hard work.

You are today a sum total of all the work you have put in making your life what it is, through hard work you left school with a good grade to get employed. Through hard work preparing for the interview and all sorts of test you were able to get a job. It is then logical that through hard work you will have a long and prosperous career.

Working hard attracts the important people that will help your career move along at a graceful pace, it also attracts the big responsibilities, the difficult tasks and the big reward.

Working hard means you must set clear priorities and work steadily throughout the day. You must be goal oriented, keep waste to a minimum, and be steadfast in applying yourself. This earns you the respect of those who work with you.

To produce more at work, you must work productively, spending uninterrupted time on tasks, spending the necessary extra time it takes to solve the particularly difficult aspects of the tasks; you must create the time to concentrate on unlocking solutions to the problems faced. This makes you an achiever.

Avoiding small talk, idle chit chat and office gossip creates more time to be spent on work, there is a popular saying by foremen in factories; “more work, less talk”. This is not said to you, you are a hardworking employee who embraces his work and is not a nuisance to his/her bosses. Less talk and more work allows you concentrate on the tasks at hand, you tend to avoid common mistakes that slows down your work and destroys a good reputation.

Work all the time you are at work is perhaps the best creed any employee can have and it creates the best kind of employee an employer likes. Work time is not the time to pick up dry cleaning, or talk about the weekend football game or run personal errands.

To be successful at work you must cut short lunch time, come in early, leave a bit late, spend a little more time and put in a little more effort.

Hard workers are determined to make a valuable contribution to the organization, there is always that passion to do more and be more. They become prized assets of the organization, protected and promoted.

The virtues of hard work are very many and it sets you apart and puts you on a pedestal.

In wishing you a long and prosperous career, be diligent in your job for you shall stand before kings and not mean men. – The book of Proverbs.