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September 2016

6 Ways to Deal With Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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Over the years, sexual harassment has always been an issue in different work place. As a result of this, some have willingly resigned while others were sacked because they either can’t complain about such immoral act or had refused the advances by their superiors. On the other hand, some have given in to such, either

August 2013

10 Golden Rules To Professional Ethics In The Workplace.

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Professionalism is the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person; it implies quality of workmanship or service. Every organization knows that a professional reputation is the difference between success and failure and they seek to keep their most professional staff. Professionalism is all about success and influence; having a reputation for excellence and being thought of as someone who exhibits professionalism under any circumstances can open doors for you either in the workplace or in your personal ambition.   Following are ten golden rules to being professional in service to your organization: