The Employer’s Desk: Now you got the job.

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This is the first article in this series to appear on this website and we believe it is necessary part of one’s career to get feedback from one’s employer to ascertain the progress one makes in his organization. So this is all about helping you understand how the employer thinks and what he expects from you. Getting hired is the beginning of a relationship between you and your employer. The major reason you got the job is to render service to the organization; your skills are needed to enable the organization remain competitive and profitable. In return for this service you get paid a salary. This is a symbiotic relationship where the company needs you and you need the job. Service is work done for somebody else (your employers) and is the primary aim of having the job, to continue to render service is to continue to have a job and as long as the service is relevant to the organization you got a job. This makes it a two way street; the company must require the service and the employee must offer the service.