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August 2017

18 Do’s and Don’ts For Writing an Outstanding CV

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This is where a lot of job seekers make mistake.. A curriculum vitae or CV is a summary of your educational background, research and professional experiences. It is a tool to market yourself to an employer, and getting an interview would depend on how good your CV is.  Your CV lends you a chance to

August 2013

Curriculum Vitae – How To Make Your CV Special

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 There have being so many articles that have illustrated the need to prepare a good CV when applying for a job position. Each of these has tried to enlighten interested readers in a specific area on how to make impact. But with all of these (which are not wrong at all) write up, many CV have not be able to hit “home run” on the mind of the employer. The most regular area applicant focus their mind on is how to arrange the CV properly to entice the employer with their organizational skills (I doubt if the employer did take note of it), because they are focusing on something more delicate that is not envision by the applicant.