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May 2016

Factors to Consider When Making a Career Choice

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There is nothing as challenging when considering which career path to take in fulfilling your career destiny. To some people such decision are embedded in their heart and desire from birth, while to some it’s an up-hill task which they think that the process is full of steep edges of uncertainty. Without painting the whole

March 2016

Job vs. Career: What’s the Difference?

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I recently witness a debate on the topic “what is a job and a career” and i realized a lot of people don’t know the different between a job and career. In this modern society many people are so engrossed in the business of their everyday life that they are no longer conscious whether they are in a job or career. The lack of awareness has made most people confuse about where they are heading in life. Their inability to know the difference between getting a job and pursuing a career has made them to live undefined life.