Human resource personnel receives series of job applications on a daily basis. The truth is that they don’t have the time to go through all the job applications, so the selection starts from your cover letter to your CV.

In addition, hiring new employees can be both time consuming and costly for businesses. Not only must businesses work to retain as many hard-working personnel as possible, they also work to make good hiring decisions to avoid a loss when it comes to the training of new hires.

There are certain qualities companies look for when hiring new employees, which often can be discovered in the first interview.

The qualities are listed below:

1. Resilience

These are people that don’t give up easily. They see the positive side to things, they view their problem in an optimistic manner. They see the big picture in every situation. They might fail but they get back right in track and continue to strive to get their desired result. These set of people are those people employers look out for in order to hire.


2. Creativity

Most companies are looking for new ideas, new ways for carrying out tasks. For most of the top companies to stay in business they have to continue to strive for new innovation to enable them compete with their rivals and to stay at the top of their business.

Therefore, they look for candidates that have something creative to bring to the table to employ.


3. Competence

Competence is very important in one’s career; it is the foundation of career growth. Over time work load has increased, managers or chief executives don’t have time to supervise their staffs. Due to that, they need candidate that can carry out their work without being micromanaged. They need someone that can carry out the job very well.


4. Passion

Although, one cannot totally remove the monetary aspect of working for an organization. After all, why waste years in the University and end up not being paid, but also there is a place for passion and drive for what one is doing. With passion a staff can achieve more things because the love for the job is there. Employers look out for such people that have love for what they do, because they deliver the best.


5. Team Oriented

Employers look out for people that can work and contribute in a team. People that can fit well in a team work, because team work can lead to effectiveness and work will be done on time.


6. Inner strength

Inner strength means you have the ability to persevere in times of difficulty. You demonstrate your inner strength when you are cool and calm during an interview. It shows that you will be cool and calm when face with so much pressure at work, meaning you will be able to withstand pressure.


7. Integrity

Integrity begins by being true to yourself, you willing to admit your weaknesses and strengths, to also accept you made mistakes in the past. Also by demonstrating loyalty by not speaking badly about your former employer no matter the situation that led to you leaving there.


8. Intelligence

Intelligence helps in the contribution to the growth of the company. Being intelligent means ability to plan, to prioritize, to make good decision, also ability to deal with the day to day activities and challenges. Your level of intelligence can be tested by how you answer questions and the questions you ask. Employers takes this very serious during an interview.


9. Courage

It is the willingness to take risks, to speak up and speak frankly. During an interview, it is the willingness to ask direct questions though politely, questions pertaining to the position you applied for and the organization. Employers look at this quality as a good factor for employment.

In conclusion, these are the major factors employers look out for amongst other things. Above all, it is your character, which is the sum total of all your positive qualities, that will have the greatest impact on whether you get the job you want. Your job now is to continue working on your character by practicing the behaviors of top people at every opportunity you find yourself.