I recently witness a debate on the topic “what is a job and a career” and i realized a lot of people don’t know the different between a job and career. In this modern society many people are so engrossed in the business of their everyday life that they are no longer conscious whether they are in a job or career. The lack of awareness has made most people confuse about where they are heading in life. Their inability to know the difference between getting a job and pursuing a career has made them to live undefined life.

From a dictionary definition; a job is an activity/work that one engages him or herself to earn money that will enable them make a living. The sole purpose of a job is based on financial value. A career is also similar in nature but slightly different. It’s a job that you do with an intention, passion and interest to achieve fulfillment.

With this definition established, I want us to take an in-depth analysis of these factors. People who go searching for a job are mostly focused on what they can get from the job in terms of monetary benefit. Their sole purpose is to make money disregarding the fact that the job might not be a good fit for them.

They are mostly motivated by the benefit they will receive and with that intact, they easily lose the motivation to make impact because they don’t usually derive fulfillment from the job. Forgive me if I am focusing on the negative part of getting a job or rather the effect of setting your mind on only the benefit you will derive from the job. This is the only way you can discover why going out to get a job without true purpose being defined can be detrimental.

A career contains the job aspect because without a job a career is not complete. A career is made up of different factor put together to form one unit. I will like to define it as a job you do that enables you to derive fulfillment from your work and achieve your long term goals.

For a career your mindset is not based on just monetary value (although it’s part of it). Your sense of achievement is measured by the impact you want to make toward the growth of your workplace and yourself.

Most times you will notice the work input of two people working in the same place is different, why? This is because one is driven by the passion to make impact, while the other is driven by the desire to be impacted. Both of them have the desire to work but driven by different motive.

The truth is, getting a job is all part of pursuing a career but the single difference is on the motive and reason that people use to search for it. This single difference will see one person climb up the ladder of success, while the other remaining stagnated for years in one position. This is clearly a matter of the inability to define one’s true career goals and objectives.

Another big difference is that a job is temporary  but a career is for the long term.

Let me say something straight, a career wrongly chosen will lead you towards the path of just getting a job. When ever you see yourself longing for fulfillment in a place and not seeing it fulfilled, take note, you might be in the wrong place. I believe with this fact clearly stated you should know what the difference between getting a job and pursuing a career.