Cover Letter Writing GuideIn today’s  competitive job searching world, cover letter have taken a predominate role that an employer use to select his staff. It is the first document an employer will look at when they want to ascertain the quality of each individual. They usually believe that the quality of your cover letter will determine if you are worth the time they will spend to view your CV or resume, even if your CV or resume is well written.  In your cover letter you can be able to talk more about how your skill can be beneficial to your future employer.  It’s very important to know how to write your cover letter if  you want to get a job.

Here are the things you should consider when you are writing a cover letter that will get the attention of your employer.

  • You must address your cover letter to the person who is in charge of hiring, by specifically stating the names or title of your employer. If you don’t see the name of the employer on their advert, you should either check their website or call the office number to get the information. In a situation when you don’t see the name, you can address them as “Dear Sir or Madam”.
  • When introducing yourself be sure to be accurate and modest in the way you do it. Make sure you are precise in the way you pass out the information.
  • Do well to state your abilities, talents, and skills in a manner that will show you being align with the standard of the position you are applying to get. An employer will not employ you if you don’t fit into the position that they are advertising.
  • When talking about your desire to join them, let them know you believe they have what it takes to that will improve your career goals and you see yourself excelling in that position. In so doing you are giving them the notion that their company is worth fighting for.
  • Let them know how you intend to improve the level of productivity of the company, through the given position you tend to occupy.
  • If you are using an email as a medium to send you cover letter, ensure to place the content of the cover letter as the body of the email. This should be done in a well arranged manner to ensure readability.
  • Your letter should not exceed one page.
  • Use basic Arial or Time New Roman font in you typing.
  • Ensure to sell yourself in your letter in an enterprising way to appeal to the taste of the employer.
  • Avoid misspelling or grammatical error in your letter. You should proofread your letter with a professional.
  • Avoid using abbreviations or jargon’s in your writing.
  • Be polite in your manner of presentation. Don’t give the impression that you are rude or begging for the work.
  • Speak well of your previous work place and state clearly the reason you intend to switch job.
  • In case of work gap, try to clearly state the reasons for your work gap to avoid the employer having the impression that you may not be sufficient for the work.
  • Let your letter be neat and professionally arranged. You can get cover letter sample format online to enable you prepare well.
  • Make sure you follow the instruction of submitting your application the employer will state in their advert.

When thinking on how to write a cover letter a lot of thought comes to mind if it will make any impact on your application process. For a truth it does, because it is one of your selling points you can use to gain the favor of your employer.