The right attitude at workWe have seen that living the mission and values of the organization can help your career grow and give your work life a sense of worth. This week we look at how having the right attitude can transform your career, get you promoted faster and give you  the right friends and support needed to achieve the goals which you have set for yourself.

Attitude means a mental position with regard to a fact or state; also can be defined as a feeling or emotion towards a fact or state.

Having the right attitude is developing the right emotion or feeling or taking the right mental position towards work and your career, it helps you develop the necessary personal tools and the needed network to achieve your goals and fast track your career. The right mental attitude accounts so much for the success you can achieve in your career.

The right mental attitude makes you a more positive and friendlier person in your organization, this helps you to cultivate the right friendships, it enables you get along with colleagues, superiors and subordinates. With a friendly and positive disposition you will get noticed, appreciated and liked.

Cheerfulness and optimism are characteristics of a positive mental attitude in an employee, it attracts people, support and the goodwill that is necessary for career growth. Optimism in challenging times gives hope to all around and promotes the “can-do” spirit needed to surmount challenges and overcome problems.

Everyone loves a colleague who is cool under pressure and repeatedly meets deadlines no matter the circumstances, performing under stress earns the respect of superiors and colleagues. It develops trust needed for a professional relationship.

With the right attitude to your career it is easy to be a star team player. A professional who is highly supportive of his teammates, has high levels of empathy and understanding, and contributes full value to achieving the team goals.

Having the right attitude to career keeps you future oriented with a constructive habit, it gives you the ability to be solution minded. This lets you to rise above the blame game of dirty office politics and the pettiness of colleagues with poor mental attitude.

The right mental attitude protects you, promotes you and enables you to earn the respect and trust of those who matter, putting your career growth on the radar of those who appreciate and promote success.

The right mental attitude helps you get promoted faster and paid more over time.

I wish you a long and prosperous career ahead of you.