Government vs private jobs which is better? This is a question that linger inside the mind of some people think either to go for government or private jobs.  Let’s first understand what a government owned jobs and a privately owned jobs. Government owned jobs which are also referred to as public sector jobs are jobs created by the government of a country. In Nigeria, the federal and state government create jobs, by employing it’s citizens to carry out certain functions or duties in other for the government system to work effective. Privately owned jobs are jobs created by an individual or group of individuals.

Government or private jobs has their own merit and demerit which i am going to highlight on.

Job Security

This seem to be the biggest advantage of government jobs over private jobs. For government jobs, there is job security/stability unlike the privately owned jobs where you get fired easily. No one can fire the government workers until when he/she has been found guilty of a serious offense of fraud or corruption. The public sector they have a due process of retrenchment which has to be followed before a worker is sacked. For the private job they fire employees for different reasons like economic meltdown problem, during this period they reduce their staff or cut down salaries.


Working hours

For government jobs the working hours is well stipulated from 8am to 4pm and in most cases they don’t do over time except in some rare situation which depends on the workload. They don’t have hectic work schedule unlike the private owned companies.  Private owe companies also have their own working hours which is determined by the company management but sometime they might be required to work overtime to cover the hectic work load. According to the Nigeria labour act, worker are expected to work 40 hours/week but most people that work in Banks, tends to work overtime.


Career growth

In private establishment there is room for healthy competition while in government establishment there is little competition because their workload are not too demanding. In a private establishment, because you have a deadline to meet and you must deliver well, you compete (consciously or unconsciously) to reach the target point which in turn makes you grow career wise and create opportunity for career development. In the private sector your career growth is base on your performance, creativity, hard work and positive contribution but in the public sector is mostly base on the number of years the employee has worked, qualification and performance.



For private establishments, the income scale is not permanent. Overtime, due to increased performance by an employee, his/her pay can be increase. All these are strictly based on merit in a private establishment. Private sector jobs pays higher especially when working a big company. Unlike the government establishment where your income scale is fixed based on their salary structure and increases as you grow higher or when there is an increment by government.



For government jobs they are entitled to general holidays; no one can call them for work during the holiday period. On the other hand, some private establishments does not respect public holidays. They can call their staffs to work during holiday.



For government establishments, they are entitled to different benefits like retirement benefits, pension funds, loans e.t.c. While some big private companies offer all these, many of them don’t fully offer this except it is mandatory.

On a final note, there are some other differences between the private and public sector like the issue of nepotism which is more common in the public sector unlike the private sector which is not so common. Selection is mostly based on talent and ability to deliver well.

In private sector, things are well organized and done orderly unlike the public sector which are not done orderly and they lack work culture. So the choice is your to choose which of the suit your career plan.