Call to serviceThe primary reason a person gets hired is to offer a service to the organization within a structure and most times as a team member with particular responsibilities. The service is inter-related with other services from other teams within and sometimes without the organization making it essential that all services rendered be to the highest quality and on time for the organization to serve its customers and make profit needed to continue in business and afford the services of an employee.

Every organization requires a standard service from an employee no matter the industry or nature of the work. The basic requirements needed to ensure job security and growth are the same and when applied will always produce the same results. First among the requirements is quality service;  ensuring the best service is rendered each time, an employee must be diligent in the work, putting in constant and earnest effort, with the least amount of waste, expense and unnecessary activity – optimum efficiency. This is basically offering the right service rightly.

The ability to render competent service with the minimum expenditure, effort and waste must be complemented by timely delivery. Employers value this quality a lot; it helps the services of the organization along. Service rendered must be fast and accurate so that other areas of operations are not held up by poorly done work or slowed down by late delivery of service. Late delivery of service is no service. Working with deadlines is the best way to ensure the timely delivery of service.

Self evaluation of service rendered helps an employee put his best work forward. This reduces the amount of time spent on the task; a job well done is done once and saves time and effort. It makes appraisal of services rendered easier for the bosses and helps reduce the pressure of work. Employees who put their best work forward are less micro managed by the bosses and this enhances their reputation in the organization.

It is said the reward for quality work is more work; this should encourage an employee because more work is more responsibility and is more influence. Influence is needed. Influence with those below allows one to get certain services which ultimately make the work easier, influence among peers helps one to leverage on capabilities to get the tasks completed and influence with one’s superiors protects and promotes one’s interest in the organization.

To keep delivering quality and timely service requires continuous self improvement which ensures constant growth in the organization and helps an employee’s attractiveness to other organizations where the rewards maybe better. Quality service gives an employee an edge during promotion and employers look out for high fliers and tend to reward them handsomely, this to a large extent ensures job security.

Delivering quality and timely service helps an employee psychologically. Knowing one has giving his best and knowing the bosses are satisfied gives peace of mind and job satisfaction. A man satisfied in his job is in the right frame of mind to enjoy life outside the workplace.

Organizations love employees who consistently render quality service in timely fashion and will go out of their way to keep such employee happy and satisfied. Always render the most your services to the best of your ability and get the best out of the job.

Enjoy a long and prosperous service.