There have being so many articles that have illustrated the need to prepare a good CV when applying for a job position. Each of these has tried to enlighten interested readers in a specific area on how to make impact. But with all of these (which are not wrong at all) write up, many CV have not be able to hit “home run” on the mind of the employer. The most regular area applicant focus their mind on is how to arrange the CV properly to entice the employer with their organizational skills (I doubt if the employer did take note of it), because they are focusing on something more delicate that is not envision by the applicant.

The idea here is not about you, is about what the employer wants from you and that is clearly seen on the work criteria stipulated for the advert of the job position. Employers are more concern with applicant whose CV highlights qualities that align with their demands. An employer who glances over a thousand CV a day will not select on the neat arrangement (although it is part of a good CV) or how stuffed up your CV looks (which most times is just information overload) but on the criteria that each CV is able to highlight as qualities.

When it comes to finding a replacement for a position that is vacant, the employer will consider the discipline, interest, potential, skills, talents, and passion of the previous person that once filled that position. The problem is that many applicants don’t take the time to study and research the demands placed on the advert of the job position before they prepare their CV.

In such a case, after you have known the need of the employer, you set out to put only those information that fits the criteria e.g. talents, educational history, periodical training, skills acquired, knowledge obtain, experience achieved and goals fulfilled. The truth is that, is not about writing what you think will impress the employer but putting those things the employer wants to be impressed by. At this stage you should start eliminating information that doesn’t align with the employer’s needs as much as possible. By doing so, the employer will be compelled by the information he reads on your CV to grant you an interview. The simple ideology behind CV is to know what the employer wants for that position.

In the case when your factors don’t align fully with their demands, just state the once that are close and make it known to them how your own can either fit into it or better than the one that are requesting.

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