I would like to share with you some common mistakes job seekers make when searching for a job which make their effort unproductive. I took the liberty to place in this article title the word “common” because that what it is when it comes to job search. From the famous quote by a French writer Voltaire “Common sense is not common”. The truth is that, if common sense was really common, then there will be no silly mistake being made by people on daily basis. Frankly speaking, we are all guilty of this in one way or the other, but with sound knowledge it will be easy to do the right thing. Job search also requires a common sense approach to avoid some of these mistake in other to be successful in your job search

Job searching in Nigeria or any other country is known as a hectic process, trail with a lot of difficulties. It has being so difficult that even some undergraduate in school have made up their mind to join the labour market with the mindset of trial by chance, thinking that’s a norm in our society. In this article we will discuss the common mistake people make when searching for a job that has made them regular customers to the labor market.

  • Having a failure mentality: Like I earlier said, those people who are either graduates or in school or yet to gain admission have accepted the myth that job acquisition is dictated by the economy, influential people, sex (women being favored than men), tribe, etc. These set of people are pledge by a self defeating belief and they have made it a point of duty to use these reasons as excuse for their failure for not getting a job.
  • Wrong educational concept: Many people go through school with the mindset that education is an instrument to make money or a guarantee to get a job. This has being a debate in many places because views differ due to interest level of people. The truth can’t be denied that an employer will only employ you by what you have in your brain to offer than what you have to present in your certificate.
  • Uncoordinated resume/CV:  Your CV is the information your future employer would use to access you. You have to make your CV special by writing your CV within the expected guideline. When you send a resume/CV that is not well coordinated and lack proper alignment with the necessary criteria the employer needs for the position they are advertising for, your resume/CV would be rejected. Read more on how to make your CV special.
  •  Poor networking: Networking with the right people can be very helpful when looking for a job. That’s why you should know how to network.  You can start by becoming a member of your industry professional body. Association like that you can be able to know people in your industry and they can provide you with valuable information. With the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ etc) has made it easier connecting with people.
  •  Unprepared for interview: This is one of the terrible thing that can happen you, while looking for a job. After you have take your time to write an outstanding CV, that got your future employer interested in you. Then on the interview day, your future employer ask some common interview questions, then you begin to flop. You need to prepare for an interview. Take your time to study, having a good knowledge about the company, the common questions asked in an interview, current affairs and what ever is related to your field of specialization.
  •  Job keywords: Knowing the right keywords to use on your resume/CV is very important whether you are submitting online or offline. Most employee uses screening software to select he resume/CV that fall into the needed standard. Even in the office the interviewer just glance through all the application with their thought focus on the criteria stated for the position. So you must know the main words that they need.