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January 2017

EDP002 – My Advice to any Serious Job Seeker in 2017

For those that are serious about getting a job in 2017, here are my advice for you. It's time to try something new. Like this saying goes, you can't be doing the same thing and expect a different result.

September 2016

6 Ways to Deal With Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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Over the years, sexual harassment has always been an issue in different work place. As a result of this, some have willingly resigned while others were sacked because they either can’t complain about such immoral act or had refused the advances by their superiors. On the other hand, some have given in to such, either

October 2013

The Importance Of Embracing Hard Work

He who labours diligently need never despair for all things are accomplished by diligence and labour – Menander Diligence means the constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken. This is the very essence of hard work. You are today a sum total of all the work you have put in making your life what it is, through hard work you left school with a good grade to get employed. Through hard work preparing for the interview and all sorts of test you were able to get a job. It is then logical that through hard work you will have a long and prosperous career. Working hard attracts the important people that will help your career move along at a graceful pace, it also attracts the big responsibilities, the difficult tasks and the big reward.

September 2013

Importance Of Having The Right Attitude At Work

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We have seen that living the mission and values of the organization can help your career grow and give your work life a sense of worth. This week we look at how having the right attitude can transform your career, get you promoted faster and give you  the right friends and support needed to achieve

August 2013

Understanding the Company Vision

Everything an organization does is inspired by their mission, values and vision. The mission statement of any organization is a clear and concise statement of why the organization exists and hence why you as an employee got a job. The mission is the reason for the business; it is normally a guiding statement for the way the organization does its business. The mission statement gives meaning to the organization and its work. Having a meaning is very important in life and in work. Meaningful work is work worth doing and work worth doing enriches your life. Most organizations go to great lengths to ensure the mission of the organization is taught to all employees and that they incorporate the mission statements into their daily work life.

10 Golden Rules To Professional Ethics In The Workplace.

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Professionalism is the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person; it implies quality of workmanship or service. Every organization knows that a professional reputation is the difference between success and failure and they seek to keep their most professional staff. Professionalism is all about success and influence; having a reputation for excellence and being thought of as someone who exhibits professionalism under any circumstances can open doors for you either in the workplace or in your personal ambition.   Following are ten golden rules to being professional in service to your organization:

The Employer’s Desk : CALL TO SERVICE

The primary reason a person gets hired is to offer a service to the organization within a structure and most times as a team member with particular responsibilities. The service is inter-related with other services from other teams within and sometimes without the organization making it essential that all services rendered be to the highest quality and on time for the organization to serve its customers and make profit needed to continue in business and afford the services of an employee. Every organization requires a standard service from an employee no matter the industry or nature of the work. The basic requirements needed to ensure job security and growth are the same and when applied will always produce the same results. First among the requirements is quality service;  ensuring the best service is rendered each time, an employee must be diligent in the work, putting in constant and earnest effort, with the least amount of waste, expense and unnecessary activity – optimum efficiency. This is basically offering the right service rightly.

The Employer’s Desk: Now you got the job.

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This is the first article in this series to appear on this website and we believe it is necessary part of one’s career to get feedback from one’s employer to ascertain the progress one makes in his organization. So this is all about helping you understand how the employer thinks and what he expects from you. Getting hired is the beginning of a relationship between you and your employer. The major reason you got the job is to render service to the organization; your skills are needed to enable the organization remain competitive and profitable. In return for this service you get paid a salary. This is a symbiotic relationship where the company needs you and you need the job. Service is work done for somebody else (your employers) and is the primary aim of having the job, to continue to render service is to continue to have a job and as long as the service is relevant to the organization you got a job. This makes it a two way street; the company must require the service and the employee must offer the service.