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October 2017

Top 8 Skills Employers Want to See on Your CV

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The unemployment rate in Nigeria has not changed considerably over the last few years. What this means is that, for the very few jobs available, there’s still very stiff competition. If you’re going to get that dream job of yours, you need to deliberately set your skillset and resume apart from the thousands more out

August 2017

18 Do’s and Don’ts For Writing an Outstanding CV

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This is where a lot of job seekers make mistake.. A curriculum vitae or CV is a summary of your educational background, research and professional experiences. It is a tool to market yourself to an employer, and getting an interview would depend on how good your CV is.  Your CV lends you a chance to

June 2017

The Most Important Things Recruiters Look Out For When Screening Your CV

Recruiters spend between 6 to 30 seconds scanning through your CV and within this little time frame, will determine is your CV stand a chance or not. When recruiter look through your CV there are some important things they look out for and if you are able to craft your CV base on what they

August 2016

How Applicant Tracking System Screens Your CV / Resume

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As a serious job seeker who is searching for a good job, at the sight of a job advert you are qualified for, you will agree with me that the next sensible thing is to apply for the job and stay positive for a good feedback. After your application and expectancy, you realize how quickly

April 2016

How To Write a CV – Things You Need to Know

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A CV is the first document an employer looks at when screening the application of an applicant, and this simple document have being the “Hercules heel” of most applicant because of lack of professionalism in preparing their CV. As we all know a CV is suppose to contain a detail breakdown of our educational background, qualification attained, work experience, personal biography, work history etc, that are the basic necessary detail needed to create a CV.

November 2013

The Importance’s Of Writing A Good Objective Statement For Your CV

A good statement tells much about you on the key point you highlight on you CV. There can never be a better way to express you fact in detail than making a statement of it. The importance of a CV statement cannot be over emphases in your pattern of writing a CV. The technicality of your statement is important to the presentation itself. You just can’t place these statements just because you think its right to do; you have to know how it is done. The key to doing this arrangement is very simple and once you are able to get it right, you can do it in any pattern you want.

October 2013

Cover Letter Writing Guide

In today’s  competitive job searching world, cover letter have taken a predominate role that an employer use to select his staff. It is the first document an employer will look at when they want to ascertain the quality of each individual. They usually believe that the quality of your cover letter will determine if you are worth the time they will spend to view your CV or resume, even if your CV or resume is well written.  In your cover letter you can be able to talk more about how your skill can be beneficial to your future employer.  It’s very important to know how to write your cover letter if  you want to get a job. Here are the things you should consider when you are writing a cover letter that will get the attention of your employer.

August 2013

Curriculum Vitae – How To Make Your CV Special

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 There have being so many articles that have illustrated the need to prepare a good CV when applying for a job position. Each of these has tried to enlighten interested readers in a specific area on how to make impact. But with all of these (which are not wrong at all) write up, many CV have not be able to hit “home run” on the mind of the employer. The most regular area applicant focus their mind on is how to arrange the CV properly to entice the employer with their organizational skills (I doubt if the employer did take note of it), because they are focusing on something more delicate that is not envision by the applicant.