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October 2017

Top 8 Skills Employers Want to See on Your CV

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The unemployment rate in Nigeria has not changed considerably over the last few years. What this means is that, for the very few jobs available, there’s still very stiff competition. If you’re going to get that dream job of yours, you need to deliberately set your skillset and resume apart from the thousands more out

September 2017

8 Things You Can Do to Motivated Yourself While Job Searching in Nigeria

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If you’ve been searching long enough for a job in this country, then you know that job hunting can be very tough, and you must understand how one’s motivation can easily wear out after searching doggedly and persistently, but in futility. After perusing a myriad of websites, completing tasking application forms, crafting the perfect cover

8 Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Employable

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There's still an unbelievably large pool of job seekers in Nigeria with not enough positions to go around. Consequently, employers can afford to be very selective in looking for qualified applicants who bring more to the table. It is therefore necessary to invest in becoming a more employable prospect, as one never knows when one

August 2016

How to Write a Cover Letter That Get an Employer Attention (With Sample)

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It is commonplace to see Nigerian applicants complain that they have been applying for jobs endlessly, but never get invites from the companies. Funnily enough, they blame everyone else but themselves for this misfortune. Well, while some of them blame it on nepotism, others pass the buck on evil men in their villages. The point

July 2016

Qualities Employers are looking For in a Job Seeker

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Human resource personnel receives series of job applications on a daily basis. The truth is that they don’t have the time to go through all the job applications, so the selection starts from your cover letter to your CV. In addition, hiring new employees can be both time consuming and costly for businesses. Not only

June 2016

5 Ways to Get a Good Job With Poor Grades

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Having studied Nigeria’s university system thoroughly, I dare say that grades don’t truly represent students’ IQs. The thing is, really intelligent people sometimes end up with Lower Credit/Second Class Lower and Third Class Honours in Nigeria because of the dysfunctional structure of university education. And the sad thing is, nobody cares about your struggles through

May 2016

Factors to Consider When Making a Career Choice

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There is nothing as challenging when considering which career path to take in fulfilling your career destiny. To some people such decision are embedded in their heart and desire from birth, while to some it’s an up-hill task which they think that the process is full of steep edges of uncertainty. Without painting the whole

9 Proven Ways to Increase your Chance For a Job Interview

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Getting a job in our present day has proven to be hectic and almost impossible to many, but yet job vacancies are being published every day by different establishment. The question to be asked is this; with all these job vacancies being published, why are people still saying that there are no jobs available? This

April 2016

Common Mistake People Make When Looking For a Job

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I would like to share with you some common mistakes job seekers make when searching for a job which make their effort unproductive. I took the liberty to place in this article title the word “common” because that what it is when it comes to job search. From the famous quote by a French writer Voltaire “Common sense is not common”. The truth is that, if common sense was really common, then there will be no silly mistake being made by people on daily basis. Frankly speaking, we are all guilty of this in one way or the other, but with sound knowledge it will be easy to do the right thing. Job search also requires a common sense approach to avoid some of these mistake in other to be successful in your job search Job searching in Nigeria or any other country is known as a hectic process, trail with a lot of difficulties. It has being so difficult that even some undergraduate in school have made up their mind to join the labour market with the mindset of trial by chance, thinking that’s a norm in our society. In this article we will discuss the common mistake people make when searching for a job that has made them regular customers to the labor market.

How To Write a CV – Things You Need to Know

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A CV is the first document an employer looks at when screening the application of an applicant, and this simple document have being the “Hercules heel” of most applicant because of lack of professionalism in preparing their CV. As we all know a CV is suppose to contain a detail breakdown of our educational background, qualification attained, work experience, personal biography, work history etc, that are the basic necessary detail needed to create a CV.