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7 Ways to Build Confidence For an Interview

Finally, you have been shortlisted for an interview after going through all the process of job applications. Though filled with so much excitement and the hope of a possible employment, the thought of meeting different top recruiting managers of the organization, visualizing them asking you various questions gets most hopefuls worried and even develop cold

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9 Proven Ways to Increase your Chance For a Job Interview

Getting a job in our present day has proven to be hectic and almost impossible to many, but yet job vacancies are being published every day by different establishment. The question to be asked is this; with all these job vacancies being published, why are people still saying that there are no jobs available? This

  • job interview impression

How to Create a Positive Impression During a Job Interview

Like the famous saying goes “first impression matters most”. Which is an important aspect of our everyday life. This concept is one of the factors that have made or broken most people, when it comes to grabbing an opportunity. When we talk about an opportunity, we easily refer to the career sector in terms of getting a job. There is no better place you will need to make a first impression than in an interview room. Many times people desire to find “the magic formula” on how to create a positive impression during an interview. What they don’t know is that making an impression is a cultural way of relating with people. Obviously, you will know from the way they tend to view this issue, because they really don’t know what to do. It’s just that they consider the interview rooms to be a place were the “gentle Antelope get eaten by the fiery Lion”, and they are wrong.

  • preparing interview

Things You Must Do When Preparing For a Job Interview

A large percentage of applicants who failed in a job interview didn’t fail as a result of the interview itself but as a result of poor preparation before the interview. I have heard people who said they were taken unaware of certain standard of the interview process which they least expected will be necessary or relevant to be considered. The fact is this, as tough as an interview is there are ways to prepare yourself physically and mentally for it. The first thing you must do is to know the necessary criteria the interviewer demand in terms of the quality they need to fill in the vacancy and you should also write down the quality you posses that are in alignment with what they demand, so that you will be able to share that information with your interviewer when you are asked. 

  • interview questions and answers

10 Common Questions and Answers Asked In An Interview

There is a known fact which states that doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way will give you the right result. This is what people should have in mind when going for interview. It is easy to think that the course of study or area of the job you are applying will be were the right questions will generate from, but the case is different because they usually don’t come from those areas. Yes, questions may or may not come from those areas but the deciding questions comes from unusual areas that you may not expect, so these are some of the most common questions that decide your employment fate.