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February 2014

Graduate and Undergraduate Study in Canada and the USA

Graduate and Undergraduate Study in Canada and the USA  - PFL is an international education consultancy with global presence in: Africa, Australia, Dubai, USA, Canada, Ireland, and the UK and have been operating in Nigeria since 1997. PFL is the world’s leading UK owned and managed student placement service. We offer the widest ranges of

December 2013

12 Effective Time Management Tips

Understanding what time mean to you is a key factor that you can use to make your day productive. This issue has being spoken about by many professionals who share their personal opinion in the way they see it helpful to them. Frankly speaking, I have come to understand that they all have vital point that I believe can be helpful to those who apply them. One thing we must know about this time management issue, is that we all have different schedule to our different type of jobs. What may work for one person may not work for another person. So knowing how your work and life pattern function is another key point to take note. For example; a person who works in an office from 8:00am – 5:00pm may not undergo the kind of stress a person who works an eight hour shift work.

October 2013

Cover Letter Writing Guide

In today’s  competitive job searching world, cover letter have taken a predominate role that an employer use to select his staff. It is the first document an employer will look at when they want to ascertain the quality of each individual. They usually believe that the quality of your cover letter will determine if you are worth the time they will spend to view your CV or resume, even if your CV or resume is well written.  In your cover letter you can be able to talk more about how your skill can be beneficial to your future employer.  It’s very important to know how to write your cover letter if  you want to get a job. Here are the things you should consider when you are writing a cover letter that will get the attention of your employer.

September 2013

22 Ways To Manage Stress at Work and Personal Life

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Undergoing a very stressful situation can be very detrimental to someone’s life. Many times people who find themselves in such situation always end up causing harm to themselves and others. Knowing how to handle stress at work and personal life is a vital ingredient in your knowledge base, when it comes to productivity. Now talking about productivity; do you know that stress can lower or reduce someone level of productivity? Stress, which is a level of anxiety a person will feel when in a pressured situation can be harmful to anyone. This can be as a result of family need, work target, relationship demand, environmental issues, economical instability, and health issues. We have seen people, who did a lot of things like making wrong decision, quit their job, lost a contract, divorce their married partner, and fell ill in their health because of stress.

August 2013

10 Common Questions and Answers Asked In An Interview

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There is a known fact which states that doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way will give you the right result. This is what people should have in mind when going for interview. It is easy to think that the course of study or area of the job you are applying will be were the right questions will generate from, but the case is different because they usually don’t come from those areas. Yes, questions may or may not come from those areas but the deciding questions comes from unusual areas that you may not expect, so these are some of the most common questions that decide your employment fate.

Curriculum Vitae – How To Make Your CV Special

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 There have being so many articles that have illustrated the need to prepare a good CV when applying for a job position. Each of these has tried to enlighten interested readers in a specific area on how to make impact. But with all of these (which are not wrong at all) write up, many CV have not be able to hit “home run” on the mind of the employer. The most regular area applicant focus their mind on is how to arrange the CV properly to entice the employer with their organizational skills (I doubt if the employer did take note of it), because they are focusing on something more delicate that is not envision by the applicant.

Are Professional Courses Really Important

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There is a quote that says “…a person who stops to grow will continue to decline…” this portraits the fact that any person who considers their states of accomplishment as sufficient will always find their self lacking a lot of things. In an ever competitive world that is fueled by the need to accomplish greater height,demands that anybody who wants to be great should always seek room for more improvement in their area of expertise. The importance of taking a professional course to improve your performance in a given career cannot be over exaggerated because of its value. This is the number one point in the business world that is always demanded from everyone, to the point that managers and company owners take time to schedule training for their staff. The benefits are numerous that is why it is highly recommended for everyone to take a professional course.