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May 2016

Factors to Consider When Making a Career Choice

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There is nothing as challenging when considering which career path to take in fulfilling your career destiny. To some people such decision are embedded in their heart and desire from birth, while to some it’s an up-hill task which they think that the process is full of steep edges of uncertainty. Without painting the whole

How to Create a Positive Impression During a Job Interview

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Like the famous saying goes “first impression matters most”. Which is an important aspect of our everyday life. This concept is one of the factors that have made or broken most people, when it comes to grabbing an opportunity. When we talk about an opportunity, we easily refer to the career sector in terms of getting a job. There is no better place you will need to make a first impression than in an interview room. Many times people desire to find “the magic formula” on how to create a positive impression during an interview. What they don’t know is that making an impression is a cultural way of relating with people. Obviously, you will know from the way they tend to view this issue, because they really don’t know what to do. It’s just that they consider the interview rooms to be a place were the “gentle Antelope get eaten by the fiery Lion”, and they are wrong.

Things You Must Do When Preparing For a Job Interview

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A large percentage of applicants who failed in a job interview didn’t fail as a result of the interview itself but as a result of poor preparation before the interview. I have heard people who said they were taken unaware of certain standard of the interview process which they least expected will be necessary or relevant to be considered. The fact is this, as tough as an interview is there are ways to prepare yourself physically and mentally for it. The first thing you must do is to know the necessary criteria the interviewer demand in terms of the quality they need to fill in the vacancy and you should also write down the quality you posses that are in alignment with what they demand, so that you will be able to share that information with your interviewer when you are asked. 

April 2016

Common Mistake People Make When Looking For a Job

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I would like to share with you some common mistakes job seekers make when searching for a job which make their effort unproductive. I took the liberty to place in this article title the word “common” because that what it is when it comes to job search. From the famous quote by a French writer Voltaire “Common sense is not common”. The truth is that, if common sense was really common, then there will be no silly mistake being made by people on daily basis. Frankly speaking, we are all guilty of this in one way or the other, but with sound knowledge it will be easy to do the right thing. Job search also requires a common sense approach to avoid some of these mistake in other to be successful in your job search Job searching in Nigeria or any other country is known as a hectic process, trail with a lot of difficulties. It has being so difficult that even some undergraduate in school have made up their mind to join the labour market with the mindset of trial by chance, thinking that’s a norm in our society. In this article we will discuss the common mistake people make when searching for a job that has made them regular customers to the labor market.

How To Write a CV – Things You Need to Know

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A CV is the first document an employer looks at when screening the application of an applicant, and this simple document have being the “Hercules heel” of most applicant because of lack of professionalism in preparing their CV. As we all know a CV is suppose to contain a detail breakdown of our educational background, qualification attained, work experience, personal biography, work history etc, that are the basic necessary detail needed to create a CV.

March 2016

Job vs. Career: What’s the Difference?

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I recently witness a debate on the topic “what is a job and a career” and i realized a lot of people don’t know the different between a job and career. In this modern society many people are so engrossed in the business of their everyday life that they are no longer conscious whether they are in a job or career. The lack of awareness has made most people confuse about where they are heading in life. Their inability to know the difference between getting a job and pursuing a career has made them to live undefined life.

Using The Power of Networking to Achieve Career Success

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Networking has always being a good source of connecting and establishing solid contact; it has been proven to be one of the best ways to build profitable relationship despite time, distance and space. Every now and then people of like minds and interests find various ways to connect by exploiting different forms of communication that enable them to achieve their goals. When it comes to the issue of career development the word “NETWORKING” has become a power source that enable people to excel in acquiring their career goals. Career networking remains a powerful tool for effective communication when you are in search for information, especially from unusual source. Most of the time, people who have achieved their goals did it through networking.

January 2016

How to use Insurance to Protect Your Job

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This is the year that has been talked about since the last quarter of 2015. We have finally crossed over. Many companies faced with the harsh realities of the new year might decide to cut costs by letting staff go. That is why you have to do all in your power to protect your job

5 Interesting Ways to Get Employed Quickly In Nigeria

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Searching for a job is a job itself. Statistics show that as much as 60% of Nigerian youths are unemployed. According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the country’s unemployment rate has increased to 9.9 percent in the third quarter of 2015, representing a fourth consecutive rise in the unemployment rate since the third quarter of

May 2015

Tips On How To Get Hired Using Social Media

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The platforms for sourcing and applying for jobs now varies with the entry of social media into contemporary society. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram among many others are playing significant roles in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. It has also made the world a global village, where there is free exchange of information.