Getting a job in our present day has proven to be hectic and almost impossible to many, but yet job vacancies are being published every day by different establishment. The question to be asked is this; with all these job vacancies being published, why are people still saying that there are no jobs available? This issue of job scarcity has being a worldwide predicament that every nation has to deal with. One of the factors is that the number of ready-to-work individual and graduates seeking for job seriously outweigh the available job, this is why it’s important for you to stand out from the other applicant.

The traditional job recruitment process takes 4 stages. The first stage is finding the job vacancy, second stage involve sending your application, third stage is the interview and the last stage is getting the job. We noticed most people are unable to make it to stage third, which is the interview. Recruiters/employer screen through thousands of CV to pick a selected few to be invited for an interview, so if your application is not good enough, you won’t be invited and therefore halting your chance to get the job.

You can increase your chance of getting a job interview by applying simple methods that have proven helpful to those who have gotten a job.

1. The number one thing you must know is to get the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the kind of job you are seeking for, because it will be a shame to get a job and not be able to function due to lack of knowledge.

2. Prepare a good CV that will portrait in detail all your various educational qualification, skills, work experiences and work history also know that every employer is looking for that uniqueness in an applicant that it’s not just outstanding but perfect for what they want.

3. Having a good referee in your CV will go a long way in getting you approved by HR. you must take your time and get the most reputable individuals in your society, government and previous company you worked for, and they should be able to write a letter of support to vouch for you.

4. One other thing is to prepare a resume that will align with the type of job you are applying for, because every job have what is specifically needed from the applicant that can fit into that position. It must be exactly what they need, anything other than that you don’t stand a chance.

5. Your cover letter should be outstanding when “blowing your trumpet”, for this is the only document that you have the right to talk about yourself to an employer. When applying through an email ensure you include your cover letter details in the body of your email, but if through physical submission of document you can do it separately.

6. Ensure you address and submit your application to the HR department which is responsible for recruitment of new employee excerpt they state otherwise in their advertisement.

7. It’s advisable to always check all media system where they place job vacancy regularly. Register with the newsletter of website that are into job advertisement so that you will get recent update of job vacancy, ensure to indicate the type of jobs you are interested in to avoid being sent ads that are not relevant to you.

8. Try to dedicate enough time towards the searching of jobs on all media because your chance of finding a job largely depends on it.

9. Take the initiative of sending a follow-up email to the company at least a week after you submitted your application. This will create a serious impression of you in their mind in the midst of the multitude application sent to them. yh