Finally, you have been shortlisted for an interview after going through all the process of job applications. Though filled with so much excitement and the hope of a possible employment, the thought of meeting different top recruiting managers of the organization, visualizing them asking you various questions gets most hopefuls worried and even develop cold feet. Awesome feeling right? A mixture of joy and fear. But on a serious level, the thought of being cross examined by juggernauts brings out good and genuine interest, with a silent fear.

On the other hand, however, your immediate response in this situation is to quickly begin preparations for the interview, in other to overcome your fear and lack of confidence. The good news is I have some tips which will be helpful in building your confidence for an interview. Here are the tips listed out:

1. Prepare well

This cannot be over emphasized; a good preparation is much needed. You will be surprised on how this can actually work magic. Read online on the possible interviews questions and rehearse in front of a mirror or in front of a friend or a family member. Also try to yield to any of their correction. You should also research and learn about the company’s products, culture, profile, and vision. Good preparation has a way of building one’s self esteem. Once this is sorted, then you’re on a good track.

2. Choose the appropriate cloth 

Cloth has a way of boosting your self-confidence. Make sure you select clothes that are appropriate for the interview. Don’t go about looking rough and unkempt. Have a nice haircut as a guy and as a woman make a decent hairstyle. Make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you are wearing and the cloth. It will be odd when you are trying to adjust your leg when you are making a presentation. You not only need to dress to impress the interviewer but yourself as well! Nothing feels better than an impeccable professional image of yourself reflecting on the mirror, an image ready to meet the world and get that interview rolling!

3. Have a positive thinking

As much as possible, block any negative drive. This is because it does not help to build your confidence. It won’t enable you focus. Be positive about the interview and the outcome of the result. After all, if you don’t have potential, you won’t be invited for the interview. Therefore you have what it takes to be selected for the job.

4. Breathe

I can relate to this because I have once been in this situation. Immediately you sight the top executive or the number of job applicants like you, you begin to lose confidence and find it hard to remember how to talk or the reply to the question. The best remedy in this situation is to simply breathe in and out for 5 minutes. It helps calm me down, helps me concentrate and helps my confidence level.

5. Make eye contact

One of the ways to create an image of confidence is by making eye contact. The interviewer will believe you are confident. Make it a steady eye contact. Looking away will help you lose confidence. When a job applicant is more engaged by making eye contact, it shows one you are confident which helps to build confidence in the long run.

6. Think about it as just a conversation

Think about the interview like it’s just a simple conversation with someone, to discover each other and see if there is a fit. A bit like a blind date where we just get to know each other before we decide if we want another round or not. It’s a simple conversation with questions and answers and really, that’s what it is. There is no right or wrong. If you feel desperate about getting the job, thinking of the interview as a matter of life or death won’t help you feeling better or win it over.

7. Do not lie

Remember how stressful it is to tell a lie? One lie would always lead to another lie, which will make your story incoherent. This will put you in an uncomfortable position. Just be yourself and say the truth.

This may just seem as seven (7) simple tips, but trust me, when mastered properly, it gives you an edge and a unique aura from the rest.

Remember, always breathe. After all, the worst that could happen is for them to tell you, you aren’t who they want, so when you go in, give it your best. Always make the first impression count and last long.

All the best.