Since the launch date on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn has helped create a professional social media platform for job seekers and recruiters. Recruiters utilize this medium for diverse reasons and these diverse reasons are why every job seeker should use LinkedIn.

Therefore, find reasons why every job seeker should use LinkedIn below.

1. Recruiters use LinkedIn to discover new talent

Recruiters want something different and fresh and LinkedIn is a great platform to identify such talents. Therefore, as a job seeker ensure you showcase your skills and ability on LinkedIn and utilize it effectively to your advantage. By doing this, a recruiter can identify with what you have to offer and contact you.


2. Recruiters are on LinkedIn

According to a research, 94% of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to find candidates and this study explains why you should use LinkedIn as a job seeker because more recruiters are on this platform. Hence, utilize this medium.


3. The old-fashioned way of securing a job is reducing

Technology has helped bring a lot of change and one of those changes is that the old-fashioned way of getting a job is reducing because more people are online.

LinkedIn is a great platform to get discovered for a new professional opportunity.


4. Helps to collect endorsements and recommendations

The endorsement and recommendation which LinkedIn gives room for can be seen as testimonials which can help boost your profile as a job seeker. This serves as a good reason for a job seeker to use LinkedIn.


5. Helps creates a good professional network

LinkedIn helps to create a professional network either as a job seeker or as a recruiter. This professional network LinkedIn creates serves as a room for you to learn and you can also fall back on this network in case you are out of job. Therefore, it is imperative you build your LinkedIn profile.


6. It is what potential employers will see when they google your name

For a job seeker, there is an 80% chance potential employer’s will Google your name after a job application and your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up first. Therefore, this presents the great need for you to build your LinkedIn profile.