Having studied Nigeria’s university system thoroughly, I dare say that grades don’t truly represent students’ IQs. The thing is, really intelligent people sometimes end up with Lower Credit/Second Class Lower and Third Class Honours in Nigeria because of the dysfunctional structure of university education. And the sad thing is, nobody cares about your struggles through school; employers merely care about your grades. So, if you finished with any of the honours mentioned earlier, the harsh reality is that you have a big challenge staring you in the face. This big challenge of course is getting a good job – the very type you dreamt of in school. But then all hope is not lost yet because I’ll tell you 5 ways to get a good job with poor grades. Let’s do this!

1. Perfect your skill:

The truth is, many HR personnel are quickly realizing that grade does not solve problems but skills do. Yes, you are employed in companies to solve problems. Much as many of these HR personnel have realized this, a lot more still believes in “the class thing.” Now, you could secure a juicy job with the former category of companies if you become a practical problem solver. To achieve this, go beyond those boring theories you learnt in school and acquire practical skills. Perfect your skill in web development, programming, engineering designs, writing articles, accounting, etc.

2. Network:

Let’s face it; most companies have gone beyond allowing job seekers drop their CVs in person (or hard copies) as they prefer the use of the Internet to advertise openings. If you finished with a not-so-good grade, you may want to avoid online job application for your job search. Meet people in social gatherings, cinemas, beaches, malls, etc. and drop a copy of your CV with them. Ensure you network and talk people into assisting you get a job. Trying online application may not favour you because most HR personnel would often prefer applicants with better grades over you.

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3. Learn to write a good CV.

Good CVs imprint on the minds of your prospective employers what impact you could make if given a chance in their company. Mind you, good CVs don’t give good jobs per se; they merely get you an interview. So, you should learn to write a good CV to get a chance to impress a potential employer during an interview session. Writing a good CV and later blowing the mind of your employer in an interview.

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4. Go for additional professional courses.

Stop wallowing in self-pity, and stop pondering over what you could have done differently to finish top of your class! You don’t need those! Accept the situation as it is and go for additional professional courses or higher degree programmes to stand out. Go for courses in Project Management, Customer Care, HRM, HSE, Oil and Gas, Accounting, ICT, etc. These short courses may not be related to your area of specialization, but by doing them you are increasing your chances of securing a job. When these are attached to your CV, an employer would invariably seek your audience because you’ve taken big steps to add value to yourself. The impression you leave with him/her is that you’ve cut the cost of retraining you.

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5. Take a smaller job to get experience.

The truth is, grades matter just immediately after your national youth service (NYSC) in Nigeria. When you’ve worked for a smaller company for a long time, after this stage, you’ll gain experiences that will help you solve the problems of bigger companies. So, be patient and take a smaller job to get that experience. This way, you’re qualified for juicy jobs meant for people with 3 to 7 years’ working experience. Therefore, taking a smaller job to get experience is one of the 5 ways to get a good job with poor grades in Nigeria.

This article does not in any way encourage undergraduates not to take their studies seriously, but its purpose is to give hope to those who have already finished with not-so-good grades and cannot get good jobs because of high unemployment rate. The 5 ways explained in this piece are very viable because research has shown over the years that they are. So, don’t despair – you have no business feeling bad about your grade after reading this! I’ve shown you the way out already; so, all you need do now is to do any of the useful tips that suit you. When you do, believe you me, you’ll have me to thank for it. Now, this is the time to get started!

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