LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network platform which has more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. This platform is great for entrepreneurs to grow their business and also a good platform for job seekers to secure a job employment.

However, with all the benefits LinkedIn provides, a job seeker can only tap into these benefits if he or she is equipped with the right knowledge on how to find a job on LinkedIn.

Many people who use LinkedIn to find work will make the job search function their first and only method. Unfortunately by using only the job search function you are severely limiting your opportunities and your ability to find you own dream job. Here you will learn some advanced techniques that you can use to find a great job on LinkedIn.

1. Fill in your profile rightly

Your profile section is for a reason. So, take out time to fill them appropriately. This is because completed profiles are seven times more likely to be viewed and eleven times more likely when there is a profile picture. In addition, ensure you update your profile from time to time.

2. Write a catchy and detailed summary

Your summary should be compelling enough for a recruiter to go through it. Hence, write about your skills and achievements; ensure your summary is between 100 and 300 words.

Also, you should use keywords and phrases that can be found in a job description you are interested in. In addition, edit and proofread to ensure there is no grammatical error.

3. Follow your dream company’s page

Most people have a company that they would love to work for. Luckily LinkedIn makes it much easier to find work at your dream company. The first step should to perform an advanced search amongst your connections to see if they have this company in their profile. You can then reach out to these connections and see if they know about any opportunities that maybe available at the company. Even those who have worked for that company in the past can often provide an introduction to the right people. If you don’t have anyone amongst your own connections that has an association with your dream company then you can choose to follow it. So, utilize this opportunity by following your dream company LinkedIn page. You will get an update of any of their activities such as job opportunity, an ongoing promotion which you can benefit from etc.

4. Join professional groups on LinkedIn

Groups are a great way to stand out and to attract potential employers. There are tens of thousands of different groups on LinkedIn focused on every kind of occupation and industry that you can imagine. And if you do not find a group which is catering to your own specific area you can always start your own. Some groups of membership in the tens of thousands so this is a massive audience of decision makers in your industry to get in front of. By providing content it shows that you are engaged and interested in your industry and this is a very appealing characteristic for potential employers.

5. Make it easy for recruiters to find you

You should make it easy for recruiters to find you on LinkedIn by using the right keyword which recruiters use to search for the right candidate. Therefore, research on the right word to use for your LinkedIn headline.

You can find exactly the kind of work that you want on LinkedIn. There are a huge amount of potential employers and opportunities on the site it is simply a matter of networking and making use to the full potential of the site. Use the ideas listed above to raise your profile and attract potential employers to you.

On that note, we would like to know if you have gotten a job via LinkedIn.

If yes, kindly drop a comment and share your experience with us, we love to know.