Sometimes, bosses no doubt talk to their subordinates in a not-so-nice manner. Perhaps this explains why many workers wish they could just look their bosses straight in the eyes, insult them like there’s no tomorrow, fling that resignation letter right in their faces, walk away and never come back. That’s right – they want to pounce on him! Much as these actions are understandable, it is imperative you understand why you should never do that. Never! In this piece, I will tell 5 reasons why you should appreciate your boss regardless of how he treats it. Surprised? Hang on until you find out why in a flash.

1. He gave you the opportunity to practise and learn

I’m guessing right now that you are aware that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming to say the least. Official figures from defunct SURE-P had put it at over 40 million – that’s the population of many countries put together. Well, coming to the issue here, many graduates – who may even be more qualified than you are – are either jobless or under employed. And here’s a man who gave you the opportunity to practise the theoretical course you studied at school as well as learn and develop new skills on the job. If this is not worthy of appreciation, then what is?


2. Bosses are under pressure too

If you think you are the only one being given crazy targets and put under pressure, you have another think coming because your boss is as under immense pressure as you are. Yes, in a bid to achieve desired results their superiors shout at them as well, just as he shouts at you. So, get off that sour look because you aren’t the only person getting shouted at. For sole proprietorships, your boss doesn’t sleep a wink at night over salaries, taxes, personal bills, etc. Therefore, for these financial obligations to be met, all hands must be on deck. This is one of the 5 reasons why you should appreciate your boss.


3. He dared to try where others chickened out.

 Did you get that part? Yes, you read it right! He dared to try where others chickened out. The single most important reason why many people wouldn’t start their own business after working for years is that they are afraid of failure. Did you know that many civil servants continuously doctor their ages in fear of retirement? But your boss wouldn’t do that, instead he created jobs for you and others, thereby helping Nigerian government curb unemployment challenge. So, appreciate that man for he dared to try where others chickened out.


4. He pays for your input

You may go ahead and argue that what he pays you is peanuts – but then you should appreciate your boss for paying for your input to the growth of his company. Find out from your unemployed friends how life has been without “the peanuts” you receive from your present boss. Just maybe after that you’d see the need to appreciate your boss. With the money you earn, you can foot your bills, send money home, buy the things you need, and save for the rainy day. Sunshine; that’s a lot to be thankful for! Because it is important you appreciate your boss for pays you salaries, this explains why it is on my list of 5 reasons why you should appreciate your boss.


5. He affects lives positively

All over the world today, entrepreneurs affect lives positively. They offer expert advice to people to revive businesses, train and teach their workers to become better, help the needy, etc. They add value to humanity in their own little way. For instance, an MD who has 10 men in his employ is apparently sustaining more or less 100 dependants. Also, your boss makes your dreams, hopes and aspirations and those of your colleagues (and people who depend on them) come true. You may hate him all you like, but there’s no denying that he affects your life positively. So, for these reasons you must appreciate him.

Remember: that boss who seems as a devil to you is also a darling to someone else. ”5 reasons why you should appreciate your boss” is an eye-opener as to why you should see your boss differently. You may never be able to fit into his big shoe, trust me. The truth is, everyone hopes to be big tomorrow, and you never can tell the kind of boss you would make. Just like you use words like wicked, difficult, cunning, terrible, stingy, insulting, annoying, etc. to describe him, you never can tell the kind of unprintable names you’d be called tomorrow. Your boss may not be all you think he is, but the need to get results turned him into what he is today. So, go easy on that man because you have no idea what’s making him act the way he does.