Undergoing a very stressful situation can be very detrimental to someone’s life. Many times people who find themselves in such situation always end up causing harm to themselves and others. Knowing how to handle stress at work and personal life is a vital ingredient in your knowledge base, when it comes to productivity. Now talking about productivity; do you know that stress can lower or reduce someone level of productivity?

Stress, which is a level of anxiety a person will feel when in a pressured situation can be harmful to anyone. This can be as a result of family need, work target, relationship demand, environmental issues, economical instability, and health issues. We have seen people, who did a lot of things like making wrong decision, quit their job, lost a contract, divorce their married partner, and fell ill in their health because of stress.

It is good for us to know that stress in itself is not the problem; (although it is part of it) this result is based on people developing a poor time management system, to the point that they now have stress as a regular visitor. Stress is mostly an accumulation of different event that compounds itself together in our mind, this shows in the way of meeting a target deadline, attending to a family need, measuring up to a standard in an environment that lack basic amenities, doing many thing at the same time and not knowing how to prioritize your activities.


Ways of handling stress

  1. Try to know the cause of the stress.
  2. Set a priority list. It will help you avoid doing too many things at the same time.
  3. Endeavor to give yourself sufficient time to do things, to avoid not meeting deadlines. It’s the inability in failing to meet deadlines that actually leads to stress.
  4. Give yourself time to relax and sleep sufficiently.
  5. Take time out for regular exercise, at least 3 times a week.
  6. Don’t struggle to change what you can’t, but rather find a way to adapt to it.
  7. Connect with others in social activities.
  8. Don’t create standard that you know you can’t meet up to easily.
  9. Be sensitive to change in your state of well being to enable you know the notice when stress is building up in you.
  10. Always think positive of yourself.
  11. Eat healthy diet regularly.
  12. Avoid taking too much caffeine and sugar.
  13. Avoid taking alcohol, drugs and cigarettes as a supplement to calm stress, because you will be building it up once they wear off.
  14. Try to read motivational books to upgrade your mind.
  15. Don’t involve in unproductive arguments or discussion.
  16. Ensure to know those factors that easily stir up stress in you, so that you can handle them once they come.
  17. Always view stressful situation from a positive angle. This will help you to know how to perceive things.
  18. You should learn a proper manner of time management.
  19. Make sure you handle issues and not run away from them.
  20. You can take time off during break time or schedule your own break time, to enable you re-energize yourself.
  21. Avoid people that raise your stress level.
  22. Learn to say no to demanding task that can break you, especially when you are in the middle of a stressful task.