Being a part of the furniture at work that never gets to do something exceptional is a choice and standing out at work is a choice as well. The thing is, being the former has its attendant consequence like being the first victim when there’s compulsory redundancy at work. Also, being the latter brings promotions, respect, and admirations. As Nigeria’s economic woes worsen, employers need best brains to keep their companies afloat. Well, if you think in that direction, I will show you 10 ways to stand out at work, thus joining the best brains in your company.

1. Be punctual

be punctual

Some jobs like bank and Computer Aided Engineering Designs jobs have no closing time because such tasks never get to finish. When you come early, you’ll be the first to clear your desk so that you don’t have to keep important tasks pending. A saying goes: “Punctuality is the soul of every business.” So, create enough time for your job by being punctual, this way you take care of all the piles of work at your desk when you ought to. Don’t come late to work.

2. Go beyond the routine


If you are looking for 10 ways to stand out at work, then you must go beyond the routine of your job description. Think out of the box! Don’t just know all about your company, seek to know all that is happening in the industry and more – attend seminars, read, do research, browse the Internet, and talk to experts about how you could improve on what you are already doing at work. This way, you will think far ahead of others and stay ahead in the industry. If you do this, you would be the Jim Ovia of your company.

3. Assist others:

assist others

Assist others deal with tasks at work, you will definitely stand out. Be a good team player and make friends. Show support. Suggest new ideas that you have learnt to your boss and others in the meeting, this way you will gradually become indispensible in your company. Never keep quiet in meetings. Assist superiors and subordinates alike. Be a known problem solver! You never can tell whose recommendations would influence your promotion.

4. Be a go-getter.

extra mile

Be a go-getter; set extremely high targets for yourself and work hard to accomplish them. Become goal-oriented. Being a go-getter is definitely one of the 10 ways to stand out at work. Yes, go extra miles to achieve your organizational targets, and do things many colleagues would consider unthinkable so long as its failure wouldn’t cost your job. Embark on great exploits to achieve desired results. Always be focused on the result and never get distracted.

5. Time management.

time management

Time management is important in the quest to be extraordinary at work. Let every second spent in your office be worth it. Work smart and stay productive. Have well defined time for everything. One thing is to be busy and another thing is to be productive – understand the difference. Set timeframes at which certain tasks must be performed efficiently. When this is achieved, you move to the next one – don’t kill time. So good time management skill is key in achieving what you have set out to achieve. Try not to carry tasks over. If it can be done today, why shift it tomorrow?

6. Make time for recreational activities.


While you strive to stand out at work, also make time for recreational activities that will help you relax. Believe me, those help. You’ll be more productive when you allot time to recreational activities you enjoy like playing lawn tennis, basketball, chess, judo, ping pong, etc. You should get involved in these activities so that your body and mind would be refreshed and sound respectively when you are returning to work. So, are you looking for 10 ways to stand out at work? Look no further because making time for recreational activities could be all you need to stand out.

7. Be organized.

be organised

Nobody takes a colleague who goes looking for things every now and then, back and forth, seriously. Be certain where you keep every file in the office or tool in the workshop. The time you spent looking for things is automatically wasted – time that ought to be invested into productive activities. Furthermore, always make a to-do list and write down every task you’ve set out to achieve in the day/week. Don’t waste productive time looking for stuff – time is precious.

8. Pressure and anger management.


Pressure and anger management are key if you seek 10 ways to stand out at work. Are you the type who doesn’t take a joke? Do you get pissed when you perceive reverse psychology from a colleague? Do you complain because you feel you are doing a little too much? Do you always feel slighted because you think your clients are disrespectful? If you suffer from any of these, then you need to work on yourself. This is because you may never be able to stand out at work if you lack pressure and anger management skills.

9. Positive attitude.


Have a positive attitude towards your job. Never be among that staff that badmouths your boss and your company. Avoid silly office gossips and watch unproductive camaraderie. The door is wide open for anyone to quit the job if he doesn’t like the working conditions, so why badmouth your job? Always believe that your job holds greater prospects if you and your team members worked just a little harder. Do not just believe but work towards it. Also, if you must criticize, do that constructively not destructively. You’ll be so amazed how positive attitude could turn things around in your favour.

10. Personalize your job.

personalise job

Personalize your job; leave a permanent impression on the mind of your boss that you really value your job. Treat it like your life depended on it. Please don’t fake it because someday, or judgment day if you like, everyone will be assessed especially in times of promotion or lay off. There’re invariably performance appraisal indices. Cherish your job, and put your best possible efforts into it. Everything else must remain secondary anytime you are at work – yes, prioritize your job. Workaholics often get the best of everything at work.

I believe that you’re reading this piece because you want to make positive impacts at your workplace. Well, this guide on 10 ways to stand out at work has been tested over a period of time. So, its efficacy is not in doubt. You need to give it a try to be that super productive and impressive staff you wish to be. Obviously, achieving this is no rocket science as this piece has shown. All you need do is to change your attitude towards your job and follow the tips prescribed. If you try these tips, I bet your promotion or pay rise is guaranteed after your performance appraisal. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try right away!