There is a known fact which states that doing the right thing at the right time and in the right way will give you the right result. This is what people should have in mind when going for interview. It is easy to think that the course of study or area of the job you are applying will be were the right questions will generate from, but the case is different because they usually don’t come from those areas. Yes, questions may or may not come from those areas but the deciding questions comes from unusual areas that you may not expect, so these are some of the most common questions that decide your employment fate.



1.   Can I know a little about you?

In this question you must be precise about the information you are giving about yourself and try not to talk about your entire life history because it is irrelevant. Only say those things that are relevant to the company and the position you are applying for e.g. interest, education, etc.

2.   What do you know about the company?

You should do a research of the company you are applying for before going for the interview. So state does things that have to do with the areas you desire to work, and do make a good impression of how proud you are of the company.

3.   Why are you seeking for a job here?

Do well to tell them of the vast opportunities you have discovered that they offer, which will elevate your career goals. Also let them know that their company is a perfect match for you.

4.   Tell us about your last job or employer?

Try your best not to say anything nasty/negative about your last job/employer, because if you do they will get the impression that you have people’s problem and will certainly do them same to them when you leave.

5.   What do you have to offer?

This is a chance to talk soundly about your self but remember to say those things that are relevant to the company and position.

6.   What was your past work relationship like?

Endeavor to extremely positive about your opinion because you don’t want them to believe you are a difficult person to get along with.

7.   Do you do well under work pressure?

This is a vital area to the company, especially if is a work focus environment. So let them know that you have the capacity to handle pressure with finesse and accuracy which you have mastered over the years.

8.   What motivates you to work well?

This is a trick question, so be careful how you answer it. You can tell them that the drive/passion to make impact and accomplish any task productively is what motivates you.

9.   What are your strength and weaknesses?

When talking about your strength, make sure you say those things that are related to the position you want and how they can be perfect for them. If talking about your weakness it should be about an area you had challenges before that you have overcome with result.

10.  How much do you want us to pay you?

For crying out loud, never you answer this question directly and if possible, let them be the one to tell you. You must let them know that you are more interested in making impact to the company than the money you will receive. You will have the chance to discuss salary when you have being employed not when you are still an applicant.